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 Water Quality Monitoring - this involves water quality and clarity. Testing includes taking water samples from various  areas of the lake and performing a few tests to determine if the quality is deteriorating from the established benchmark. Having access to a boat is necessary for this task. Volunteers are not needed at this time but observers are always welcome. We can be contacted at 630-9206 or saythornton Testing takes place every other Monday, May - October, 8:30-10:00 am. 

 Weed Watch Program - this function had been performed in only the town cove however the weeds have spread around the lake and we have been informed by our contact at the state that a more lake wide monitoring program should be established. Your responsibility would be for a relatively small portion of the lake and would be around your home so you will be more familiar with the area. A representative from the state will come to the lake and provide us with a quick explanation of weed types and how the monitoring should be done. This requires any floating transportation such as boat, pontoon boat, canoe, kayak or even an old piece of Styrofoam and would be done approximately once a month. Monitor your area of the lake and pass your findings onto the lake representative. That's it! Any interest, please contact Dick DesRoches at 473-2216  

 Lake Host Program - Lake Host volunteers are needed to check boats and trailers entering our lake at the town ramp to prevent the introduction of exotic and invasive weeds such as Milfoil and Hydrilla. These volunteer hours are needed to match the Lake Host Grant requirements provided to our lake association by the state. No experience required, just your time. If any interest with either, please contact Anusia Hirsch at 603-522-6908 or

  Acton Wakefield Watershed Alliance-     AWWA:  Erosion Control

​ Open Position: Volunteer Point Person Needed for the Lake Host Program

Position will be empty as of November, 2018 and is required by the NH Lakes Association in order to participate in the Lake Host Program.

Give back to the Lake and protect your property values.

Work with our new Manager and a wonderful team of Lake Hosts.
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