2018 Calendar of Events and Information

 June through September Water Testing
 Stephanie and Glenn Thornton 
 8:00am - 9:30am

 June through September Weed Watch Weekly throughout the summer. 

 Saturday, 6/2/2018: Executive Committee Meeting 11:00 A.M. at the Poor People's Pub

  Boat Parade 7/7/2018
 Theme:"Your Favorite Sport"
 7:00PM @ Sunshine Acres Dock 

 Saturday, 7/14/2018:   Executive Committee  Meeting 11:00 A.M., To be Held at the Poor People's Pub

 Saturday, 8/4/2018 ( 9:00 Am ) :   Annual Meeting  .  To be held at Wakefield Safety Building in the community/meeting room
Guest Presenter " The Loon Preservation Committee"

 Saturday, 9/8/2018 :   Executive Committee Meeting,  11:00A.M., To be held at the Poor People's Pub

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This is an excerpt from the


Section 483-B:9

         No fertilizer, except limestone, shall be applied to vegetation or soils located within 25 feet of the reference line of any public water. Beyond 25 feet, slow or controlled release fertilizer, as defined by rules adopted by department, may be used.   

(a) Maintenance of a Waterfront Buffer. 

(1) The waterfront buffer shall be those protected shorelands within 50 feet of the reference line. The purpose of this buffer shall be to protect the quality of public waters while allowing homeowner discretion with regard to water access, safety, viewscape maintenance, and lot design. 

(2) Within the waterfront buffer all of the following prohibitions and limitations shall apply: 

(A) No chemicals, including pesticides or herbicides of any kind shall be applied to ground, turf, or established vegetation except as allowed under special permit issued by the division of pesticide control under rules adopted by the pesticide control board under RSA 541-A, or fertilizers of any kind except those specified in RSA 483-B:9, II(d). 

(B) Rocks and stumps and their root systems shall be left intact in the ground unless removal is specifically approved by the department, pursuant to RSA 482-A or RSA 483-B:11, II. 

(C) No natural ground cover shall be removed except as necessary for a foot path to water as provided under RSA 483-B:9, V(a)(2)(D)(viii), cutting those portions that have grown over 3 feet in height for the purpose of providing a view, or as specifically approved by the department, pursuant to RSA 482-A or RSA 483-B. 

(D) Starting from the northerly or easterly boundary of the property, and working along the shoreline, the waterfront buffer shall be divided into 50 by 50 foot segments. Within each segment a minimum combined tree and sapling score of at least 50 points shall be maintained. If for any reason there is insufficient area for a full segment, the number of points required to be maintained in that partial segment shall be proportional to that required of a full segment. 

Photo by Jeff LeGrow